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Skin Lightening Product Reviews and Tips

Natural skin lightening for fading age spots, sun damage, skin discolorations and all symptoms due to hyper-pigmentation.

The Ultimate Discovery Of How To Use "Skin Lightening Cream " & Why

When a person wants to work with age spots or any of the many Hyper-Pigmentation skin problems, there is no doubt that going to the doctor who is only going to ramble off a whole lot of expensive procedures…isn’t the best first option. There are also many other epidermal lightening products that are available in the market that are very expensive and, unfortunately, will not do the trick. In this article we’ll discuss in great detail all about Hyper-Pigmentation, it’s causes, the different skin conditions effected and most importantly the remedies.

How to choose a skin lightener

How To Choose A Skin Lightener

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Causes Of Liver Spots

Skin Lightening Product Reviews and Tips

One of the most effective ways to fade liver spots is to make sure that the “melanin” content of the skin is considerably reduced.

The fact is that when exposed to the sun, the ultraviolet rays will increase the melanin content in the skin, effecting the color of the skin. When there is prolonged exposure to the sun, prohibiting a “new melanin formation”, there is going to be liver spots, sun spots or age spots. These spots when concentrated in very specific place’s  can cause dark brown spots to appear.

Liver spots and other Hyper-Pigmentation symptoms…

aren’t very comfortable. Irritation to the skin can be one of the main issues for most of the lightening creams on the market. The fact is that the cosmetics that are used for the skin can do the adverse effect and can irritate the epidermis and make it darker over time. The other concern is with the use of “Hydroquinone”, Mercury, Steroids and Parabens. These additives have been known to have adverse effects on certain people’s skin, which most un-natural over the counter products contain.

The genes play a very important part in the physical changes of the epidermal. The main reason for the color tone is the melanin production.. This is used to filter the ultraviolet rays of the sun. So when your skin is exposed to the sun, there is a larger amount of melanin formation that is produced by the body.

Treatment Process: Meladerm Skin Lightening Review

meladerm skin lightening cream

There is a gradual lightening process that can be done at home with a whitening cream that uses only natural plant extracts, such as Meladerm. This product can be used on a regular basis at home and in weeks or months a difference can be seen. When using the Meladerm as directed you should see a significant difference, within 15 days time that removes sun spots, freckles and other hyperpigmentation issues.

There are alternative treatments for example using a laser hair removal system. This has set new standards that come with the safety, comfort and the effectiveness. However extremely costly and not always effective when treating Hyper-Pigmentation.

Properties of Meladerm: ( To date the one of the best skin-lightening products on the market)

Meladerm is an all natural product with a formula using herbs and plant extracts, it’s one of the best skin brightening products on the market today. The plant’s natural extracts used are ones such as natural amino acids, Gigawhite (which is a Alpine Swiss composition of 7 different plants) and Alpha-Arbutin amongst several other natural ingredients. Using natural plant extracts for a skin whitening cream is by far the safest method. The cream has a unique texture when it’s applied to the skin. Making it less sensitive to the skin, and completely side effect risk-free.

FYI Meladerm’s natural brightening treatment is NOT available in over the counter pharmacies and “You won’t find it” in Walmart or other drug stores. It is a quality product by Civant that is also recommended by dermatologists. Read the hundreds of real story testimonials to determine if this product is for you or not and get all the details http://www.skin-review.com/testimonials

Some of the major factors upon the use is that only a small percentage of the Meladerm cream or sometimes referred as “gel” needs to be used daily to see miraculous results. Probably the most interesting and popular fact is that Meladerm is not an expensive product compared to other lighteners, plus it also helps in getting rid of many of the different skin conditions related to hyper-pigmentation.

All natural Meladerm is very effective skin care solution for lightening the dark skin and preventing all-natural skin tone discoloration . It will also help with the spots that are formed from sun damage, which gets more visible with age.

It is important to understand that using this product should be done in very minimal quantities, and any irritation to the skin should be consulted with the doctor. Though this helps with many hyper-pigmentation skin conditions, this is not going to suit every body type.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Anti-Aging Creams

Skin Lightening Product Reviews and Tips

When it comes to skin care, anti-aging creams are very popular. There are a whole lot of people trying different creams, gel and ointments when searching for their personal fountain of youth. The fact is there are a lot of different products and advice available today and it can be confusing and frustrating. Everyone has a lot of things to say, but when it comes to anti-aging skin treatments, it really depends on the individual and skin type .

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Skin Lightening Product Reviews and Tips

The following are a few of the attributes that everyone will want in their anti-aging cream

• The very first thing is that the signs of aging should take its pace naturally all people show age differently and this also reflects on their skin.

• When using a skin lightening cream for example like meladerm, there will be fewer wrinkles, age spots, and even blemishes showing after the recommended use.

• Your skin should discolor less.

• The skin texture should have an increased smoothness, elasticity, fullness, in short, the youthfulness of the skin.

• A quality hyper-pigmentation treatment cream should be able to fight the aging process, in the process, help improve your skin’s health.

• Another benefit to anti-aging cream should be it’s ability to repair any prior skin damage.

Types of Anti-Aging Treatment

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•    Vitamin E can help with the anti-aging agents. The oral creams containing vitamin E such will be able to smooth and add elasticity of the skin.

•    Botox is another method to help with the wrinkles, this is a very popular and expensive option many people are considering these days with it’s easy availability in local salons etc. This can help the skin to be smoother in appearance, however it’s still a cosmetic fix, not natural and comes with a price beyond monetary dollars.  The skin type and the thickness needs to be considered before making a decision.

•    Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHA) is yet another method for the anti-aging treatment.


Five steps to amazing youthful skin

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  •   Vitamin E that is found in a lot of anti-aging creams can be used as a topical and oral treatment. Vitamin E will also help maintain the youthfulness. This is an anti-oxidant which has free radicals, helping preserve damage to the skin and aging of the skin. Vitamin E will also help boost the immune system and will equal the negative factors.
  • Vitamin E surely helps with the diminishing signs of aging and in the process of improving the skin. This lessens the oil in the skin and also works on the blemishes.
  •   If attempting Botox it can be a big wrinkle fighter ,this is sure to give the same effects of surgery without the tremendous extra expense and possible health risk’s that can associate with a surgical procedure. This is done with an injection that generally relaxes the muscles.



•    Vitamin E, on the other hand, is not safe during the pregnancy. There is no harm when the vitamins are consumed from the extract of natural vegetables. But when they are taken as supplements this is going to be dangerous to the baby.

•    Botox is not a good idea for the wrinkles around the mouth. Also the use of these injections doesn’t work for the wrinkles that are caused by any skin damage.


5 Things You Should Know to Properly Diagnose Hyper-pigmentation


The hyper-pigmentation condition usually occurs as brown patches, this does not have a defined border and irregular outlines. There is a little surface change when compared to the other surfaces of the face. This is a basic mechanism which is in response to many number of triggers at the epidermal and the dermal layer of the skin. There are a lot of inflammatory mediators which are released during the inflammatory process in the epidermal layer.

This process will increase the production of melanin in the skin. When there is an inflammation which disrupts the basal layer, this causes the melanin to be trapped in the dermis causing the pigmentation. These changes are very common in darker individuals in the forms of eczema, psoriasis or acne.


When there is an increase in melanin, pigmentation variations caused by the excess form a dirty brown color, and in some cases with a medical condition the formation of purpura. This pigmentation is the rusty brown color often associated. Hyper-pigmentation is a very common sign that is found when using oral contraceptives and pregnancy or  for women who are taking contraceptive pills.

There are several other similar conditions like Addison’s disease, Amyloidosis or Tinea Versicolor.


There are many reasons which will can cause hyper-pigmentation. The following are a few that are mentioned

• Inflammatory Skin Condition – Any skin condition, which involves with the inflammations of the demo-epidermal junction will cause this hyperpigmentation. A few of the examples again are eczema, psoriasis, acne, and systemic lupus and T-cell lymphoma.

• Trauma is another reason for pigmentation
• Allergic Reactions
• The fully ablative laser devices when used on dark skinned patients can also assist in the cause of hyper-pigmentation. This is a complication of the treatment.
• Drugs and medications are a few of the common culprits. It is better to consult with the doctor explaining your your skin condition before taking any medication they may result in side effects.
• Ultraviolet light could be one of the reasons for pigmentation.
• There are many chemicals like silver, gold and arsenic can also cause hyper-pigmentation.


Melasma is a condition when viewed by natural daylight light will help differentiate dermal hyper-pigmentation to an epidermal hyper-pigmentation. This is better if it done by a doctor, who might suggest a biopsy, to clear any other doubts. A biopsy can be helpful, especially when there is no identifiable inflammation which again accounts for the pigmentation.

Primary Care

• In most of the cases this condition will resolve in time without any additional treatment.
• Always try to avoid any exposure to the sun to prevent any further hyper-pigmentation.
• It is always better to treat the condition, if there is any underlying cause that causes the pigmentation.
• Get the right medication if there are pigmentations caused by sun-damaged skin. The necessity to consult a doctor before self-medication is considered.

Can Sun Spots Be A Serious Problem? Can They Be Removed Safely?

Skin Lightening Product Reviews and Tips

Currently, sun spots are a common skin problem amongst people, hence making room for excessive demand for its related treatments. This specific kind of skin trouble occurs because of overexposure to the sun’s ultra violet  heat directly. However, this occurrence doesn’t happen overnight. If you’ve been regularly exposed to the heat of the sun at a younger age, you are more prone to come up with sun damaged skin.

The good news is, this skin disorder is only short-term. It is possible to get rid of it using a good spf hydrating day lotion or as mentioned a lightening cream like Meladerm. Some might go to drastic measures and use cosmetic surgical treatment which is simply stripping off the top layer of your skin. You should be aware that there are lotions and facial creams that removes spots and lightens that can be used to accomplish the same thing as discussed.

It’s worth emphasizing that lotions, facial creams and skin brightening facial scrubs can also be efficient for dealing with such conditions. Be assured that this sort of treatment will work well to maintain your natural beauty, so long as it contains the right ingredients that’s been tried, tested and shown to be ideal for your skin type.

Below are a few of those natural ingredients found in the aforementioned Meladerm all natural product .

Alpha Arbutin:

Tego Cosmo C:


Kojic Acid:

Licorice Extract:


Mulberry Extract:

Bearberry Extract

Glycolic Acid:

Lactic Acid:

Lemon Juice Extract:


Vitamin K:

Emblica Extract:


The perfect remedy for sun spots is to prevent it. Stay away from the sun, use hydrating sun protection lotion with a high spf and cover yourself up. It’s always wise to use a good sun protection whenever in the sun for a long period of time. That way you will be in a position to ensure no sun spots show up on your skin any longer. Having said that, in order to find things that removes the sun spots, outside of natural lightener creams you will need alternative remedies, such as:
• Chemical peels
• Laser therapy
• Photo-rejuvenation

The procedures (above) are aimed at getting rid of the sun spots completely from the skin, through either surgery or basically bleaching the pigmentation. One of the safest ways to eliminate sun spots is employing and using only natural plant extracts creams which contain organic whitening agents like Extrapone Nutgrass Root. These creams are perfect to the body as they’re no unpleasant chemical bleaches contained in there, and they actually do work when employed regularly.

Photo-rejuvenation, chemical peels and laser therapy are also quite effective and usually show results in a short time, but their disadvantage is that they’re oftentimes rather costly and some also come with side effects like extreme irritated skin.

In order to remove sun spots and other associated problems from the skin, do your homework and see what treatment is suitable for your skin. Anytime you’re going for skin care products, don’t forget to look for these organic ingredients. It’s also wise to make sure that any skin lightening treatments or care treatments you use do NOT contain any harsh ingredients which could cause harmful side effects. Always read the instructions on any hyperpigmentation product to ensure it has some of the organic ingredients listed above. 

The Top Fast and Easy Ways to Dry Skin Relief

Skin dryness is a direct result of deficiency from moisture and fat. Your skins appearance particularly the facial part is the most crucial part of you since it brings out your beautiful complexion. A dry skin sometimes becomes itchy and irritating and hence creating a kind of annoyance.

Causes of skin dryness

There are many factors that contribute to dry skin. Cold and dry weather may cause the skin to dry due to evaporation. The skin becomes quickly dehydrated in a hot weather. Age also may lead to it. Other factors may include nutritional deficiencies and also genetic predisposition.
There are many skin lightening products on the market that claim to remedy this condition which are sometimes quite expensive to acquire. Some contain strong bleaching cream elements which may pose a health risk in long run.

It is advisable to turn to natural methods which are much affordable and get your skin a natural feel without spending a dime. They include;

 Olive oil

Olive oil is the best natural choice you can go for. It contains antioxidants elements as well as fatty acids which works great in smoothing you skin. Always apply after bathing. You can make a mixture of olive oil and brown sugar to form a homemade scrub and then apply it on your dry skin continuously in a massage mode for a few minutes. Clean your skin with clean water after you are done. You can apply a moisturizer to leave your skin light.

Bee honey

Despite its medicinal value, honey is also believed to contain natural moisturizers like antioxidants, antimicrobial as well as humectant properties. All these compounds can help gain a softer and moist skin with a natural feel it deserves. It is advisable to apply some honey over your dry skin repeatedly and leave it for several minutes. It should be done before taking a bath. If done consistently every day, the better the results you will achieve. For the best skin results ensure that you usee pure honey with no additives or foreign impurities.

Warm water

A hot shower feels really good, particularly on a cold weather day, but is it good for your skin? Research shows that hot water is harmful to your skin. It tends to strip off the natural oil barrier on your skin which is essential to keeping your skin smooth and moist. A warm shower taken should only be for a short time if possible. You can later use a moisturizer to get your skin moist.

In as much as you are working hard toward getting your skin in shape, always bear in mind that a good balanced diet is critical as well.

Balanced diet
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