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Natural Growth Hormone Benefits For Men & Woman

What HGH Can Do For Men and Women


This article explains the benefits of HGH and why you need them

The benefits of HGH have long been discussed online, but the fact is there is a lot of misconception about it, how it works and what it can and cannot do. While it’s true you  gain benefits from a healthy diet, exercise and taking multivitamins, the perks you get from growth hormones are far superior.

Does HGH Really Work?

Yes, it does and there is considerable evidence to prove this. One of the most important HGH studies ever done took place in 1990, made by Daniel Rudman, M.D and published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

In it Dr. Rudman demonstrated that the men aged 61 to 81 who took natural hormones during the experiment reversed the effects of aging by more than 20 years. This was followed by Dr. Edmund Chein of the Neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, who further demonstrated the health advantages of HGH. Here are the benefits:

How Does HGH Work?

With all the hype on human growth hormone supplements and of course the controversies of legalities read our detailed page here on exactly how HGH works and how it effects your body.

Body Fat Reduction

One of the more obvious advantages is fat reduction and increased muscle strength. There are literally thousands of diet and workout programs that aim to get you into shape, but they won’t be as effective without human growth hormones. No matter how often you work out and eat right, it’s going to be hard to lose fat and build muscle if your supplement supply is running low.

Based on the studies mentioned above, when combined with exercise and diet, increases your physical strength by 90% and muscle size by 80%, significant numbers any way you look at them. Body fat loss increases by 70% and physical endurance goes up by 85%, making them ideal for men and women who want to be physically stronger.

Improves Physical Appearance

The claims that HGH can reverse the aging process is not an exaggeration because it reinvigorates both hair and skin. Rather than use dubious skin ointments and creams, you’re better off taking natural growth hormones because it’s going to improve your skin tone, texture and elasticity, plus the research done by Dr. Chein and Dr. Rudman shows that taking HGH tablets reduces wrinkles and other signs of aging more effectively than creams.

And if you’re among those in search of hair growth products, look no further since it is the most effective solution available.

Improves Physical Strength, Endurance and Flexibility

The number of athletes and fitness buffs taking HGH has gone up because they’re now aware of its benefits. With natural growth hormones your ability to recover from injuries is faster by anywhere from 50% to 70%, and there’s a significant improvement -50%- in terms of back flexibility. In addition, there’s evidence to prove that HGH makes you less vulnerable to illnesses, and your recovery improves by as much as 70%.

It is a fact that you can gain physical strength by taking steroids, but taking a natural hormone supplement is more effective plus it doesn’t carry serious side effects like steroid does. In other words, you’re going to get the benefits without the need to worry about the side effects.

Increased Sexual Performance

Last but not the least, HGH charges up your sex drive in ways that other supplements cannot match. Unlike testosterone boosters however, it increases sexual desire in women as well so it works both ways. The studies mentioned above also suggest a 75% increase in sexual frequency and potency, plus hardness of erection improves by 64%.

The benefits are not limited to men however, because women who take HGH can expect significant reduction in hot flashes (up to 58%) and improvements in menstrual cycles as well.

Other Benefits

Hormone supplements also works on your memory, emotions and energy: you can expect energy to go up by 85% and emotional stability, studies show, improves by 70%. Furthermore, improvements will be noticed in mental outlook and memory, all of which are indicative of how important hormones are in your body.

All the above mentioned benefits will be realized if you take the right kind of HGH enhancer. A good example of this is GenF20 Plus, which is one of the few natural growth hormone supplements that have been scientifically proven to work. With its special ingredients and formulas, GenF20 Plus provides your body with sufficient amounts of HGH to improve sexual performance, build muscles and restore youthful skin, among other benefits.

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