Meladerm Skin Lighting Cream


The Ultimate Secrets on How to Use “Meladerm” Cream and Why


Natural skin lightening for fading age spots, sun damage, skin discolorations and hyper-pigmentation.


When a person wants to work with the age spots, there is no doubt that going to the doctor who is going to ramble a whole lot of expensive options. There are also many products that are available in the market that are expensive and, unfortunately, will not do the trick.


Causes of liver spots

liver spots

One of the most effective ways to fade any liver spots is to make sure that the melanin content of the skin is considerably reduced. The fact is that when exposed to the sun, the ultraviolet rays will increase the melanin content in the skin. When there is prolonged exposure to the sun, there is going to be liver spots or age spots. These spots when they are concentrated in a very particular place causing dark brown spots to appear.

Liver spots and other Hyper-Pigmentation symptoms isn’t very comfortable. Irritation to the skin can be one of the main issues for most of the lightening creams on the market. The fact is that the cosmetics that are used for the skin can irritate the skin and make the skin darker over time. The other concern is with the use of “Hydroquinone”, Mercury, Steroids and Parabens. These additives have been known to have adverse effects on certain people’s skin, which most UN-natural products contain.

The genes play a very important part in the physical changes in the skin. The main reason for the color of the skin is the melanin. This is used to filter the ultraviolet rays of the sun. So when your skin is exposed to the sun, there is more amount of melanin that is produced by the body.


Treatment Process

•    There is a gradual lightening process that can be done at home. This product can be used on a regular basis at home and in weeks or months a difference can be seen. If there is a significant difference, within 15 days’ time there should be a difference.

•    There are alternative treatments for example using a laser hair removal system. This has set new standards that come with the safety, comfort and the effectiveness. However extremely costly and not always effective when treating Hyper-Pigmentation.


Properties of Meladerm:

•    Meladerm is an all natural product using herbs and plant extracts, such as natural amino acids, Gigawhite (which is a Alpine Swiss composition of 7 different plants) and Alpha-Arbutin amongst several other natural ingredients. The cream has a  unique texture when it’s applied to the skin. Making it less sensitive to the skin, and completely side effect risk-free.

•    FYI this product is NOT available in over the counter medications retail stores and “IS NOT” carried in Walmart or other drug stores.

•   Some of the major factors upon the use is that the only a small  percentage of the Meladerm cream needs to be used daily to see miraculous results.  Probably the most interesting and popular fact is that Meladerm is not a very costly product and helps in getting rid of many different skin conditions related to hyper-pigmentation.

•    This is very effective for lightening the dark skin.

•    This will also help with the spots that are formed from sun damage; this will be more visible with age. It is necessary to be patient and wait for the results.

It is important to understand that using this product should be done in very minimal quantities, and any irritation to the skin should be consulted with the doctor. Though this helps with many scars, this is not going to suit every body type.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Anti-Aging Creams



When it comes to the skin care, the anti-aging creams are very popular. This will mean that there are a whole lot of people who are trying different creams to make sure that they are using the right cream. The fact is that, everyone has a lot of things to say, but when it comes to the anti-aging skin treatments, everyone will make sure some very specific qualities in the cream.


Attributes of the Anti-Aging Cream


The following are a few of the attributes that everyone will want in their anti-aging cream

•    The very first thing is that the signs of aging should take its pace.

•    This will mean that there should be fewer wrinkles, age spots, and even blemishes.

•    The skin should discolor less.

•    There should be an increased smoothness, elasticity, fullness, in short, the youthfulness of the skin.

•    The cream should be able to fight the aging process, in the process to help improve the skin health.

•    The cream should be able to repair any prior skin damage.


Types of Anti-Aging Treatment  



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•    Vitamin E is found in plenty of the cream; this will help with the anti-aging agents. The oral creams will be able to smooth and add elasticity of the skin.

•    Botox is another method to help with the wrinkles, and this is an option that many people are considering. This will help the skin to be smoother. The skin type and the thickness need to be considered before making a decision.

•    Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHA) is yet another method for the anti-aging treatment.


Advantages of the anti-aging 


•    Vitamin E that is found in these creams can be used as a topical and oral treatment. Vitamin E will also help maintain the youthfulness. This is an anti-oxidant which has free radicals, these can damage the skin and ages the skin. Vitamin E will also help boost the immune system and will equal the negative aging factors.

•    This is a big wrinkle fighter; this is sure to give the same effects of surgery without going in for the surgery. This is an injection that will help with the relaxing of the muscles.

•    Vitamin E surely helps with the diminishing the signs of aging and in the process of improving the skin. This lessens the oil in the skin and also works on the blemishes.


 Some of the disadvantages of the anti-aging creams


•    Vitamin E, on the other hand, is not safe during the pregnancy. There is no harm when the vitamins are consumed from the vegetables. But when they are taken as supplements this is going to be dangerous to the baby.

•    Botox is not a good idea for the wrinkles around the mouth. It doesn’t work for the wrinkles that are caused by any skin damage.

•    The AHA comes with a skin irritation. The down part of this is that the only one product at a time can be used. This cannot be used as an eye cream.

Meladerm Skin Lighting Cream

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